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October 10th 1841

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Edradour whisky

In the 1844 Statistical Account, it is mentioned that there were seven distilleries working within the parish of Moulin. Today but one remains, the Edradour. The distillery came into being in 1825 as a co-operative, with eight local farmers bringing their barley to be distilled at Edradour, but it was in 1841 that the decision was taken to register as a company, John McGlashan and Company of Edradour. There have been many different owners since then and today Edradour is part of the House of Campbell which is itself an independent subsidiary of the Pernod-Ricard group of companies.

The Edradour claims to be the smallest legal distillery in the world. It employs but three men and has a throughput of 2,300 litres a week. Most is sent away to be blended with other brands but recently a new brand has come on to the market, a ten year old single malt called, what else, but Edradour. This also claims a world number one position as the most exclusive single malt with an annual output of only 20,000 bottles and an exclusive price to match.

Edradour has one more claim to fame or perhaps notoriety. During the years of prohibition, Frank Costello the leading New York bootlegger, joined the board with the intriguing designation of ‘New York Sales Consultant’. But these times were in the past and today all is respectability. The public are welcome to watch the distillery at work and are rewarded at the end of the visit with a dram of a very acceptable blended whisky, but not, it must be admitted, the pure Edradour malt.

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