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John L Wilson created the diary based around his own writing and extracts from local history works and papers, parish and kirk session minutes, various newspapers and assorted publications. Throughout the stories, the extracts are presented in italics.

Unfortunately, no definitive list of external references was left after his death. Wherever possible, known sources have been listed below. Where author and publication are known they are both listed. Where only the original source of the extract is known, it is attributed to that person or publication.

Please contact us if you can correct or add to this information.

Name Dates and Work References
1st Statistical Account 7th March 1791
17th March 493
14th September 1992
27th October 1787
1st November 1752
5th November 1789
12th November 1795
4th December 1795
10th December 1616
11th December 1795
2nd Statistical Account 12th July 1834
24th December 800
Robert Baillie 1st January 1651  
Blairgowrie Advertiser 21st May 1887
11th October 1889
A Handbook to Blairgowrie, Rattray and neighbourhood 26th September 1863  
Board of Agriculture 6th April 1794
23rd April 1794
A General View of the Agriculture in the Southern Districts of the County of Perth
Captain Burt 16th February 1730
21st March 1737
Letters from the North of Scotland
ISBN: 1874744904
Published by Birlinn Ltd
Callender Old Statistical Account 31st October 1795  
Robert Campbell 9th May 1894  
William Campbell 5th February 1831  
Henry Cockburn 30th April 1842
2nd November 1844
Dundee Perth and Cupar Advertiser 7th January 1804
18th November 1803
Anne Keith 13th October 1578  
Kilry Bumpa Mag 9th March 1989  
Robert Kirk 16th January 1690
15th May 1692
31st May 1690
25th August 1690
The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Faunes and Fairies
Dr Garnett 22nd March 1807  
Miss Grace Graeme 6th October 1819  
James Hall 26th July 1776
4th November 1806
9th December 1801
Travels in Scotland by an Unusual Route
Sir David Lindsay 7th April 1528  
William Lithgow 4th March 1627  
Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger 6th February 1904
18th July 1906
Reproduced by kind permission of Peggy Seeger
Angus McDiarmid 19th March 1680
10th June 1646
The Beauties of Edenample and Lochearnhead
William McGonagall 17th May 1899 Beautiful Crieff
James Melville 24th February 1597  
Minister of Kilspindie 4th March 1627  
Joseph Mitchell 3rd August 1845  
George Murray 24th May 1810  
Lord George Murray 26th February 1709  
Lord John Murray 30th May 1693  
James Murray 17th March 1719  
John Nicoll 22nd February 1655  
Lucy Parker 7th August 1863 Diary
Thomas Pennant 26th January 1782
28th March 1769
8th April 1769
10th April 1828
1st May 1769
12th May 1772
26th May 1770
27th May 1817
20th August 1772
14th September 1992
A tour of Scotland 1769
ISBN: 187474470X
Published by Birlinn Ltd

Travels in Scotland
Perthshire Advertiser 14th April 1859
20th July 1875
9th August 1832
The Perth Courier 18th June 1825
19th September 1917
The Perth Magazine 17th June 1773
31st December 1772
Bishop Richard Pococke 11th August 1760  
William Pope 10th January 1676  
Beatrix Potter 5th January 1922
28th July 1866
15th October 1892
Extracts from THE JOURNAL OF BEATRIX POTTER: 1881-1897
Transcribed from her code writings by Leslie Linder
Copyright (c) Frederick Warne & Co., 1966, 1989.
Reproduced with kind permission of Frederick Warne.
John Ramsay 27th February 1801
30th September 1746
Rev James Robertson 7th March 1791  
The Royal Commission on Labour 10th May 1893  
Scots Magazine 14th December 1767  
The Scotsman 4th October 1902  
Sir Walter Scott 25th March 1306
2nd May 1580
John Smith 3rd April 1819  
Robert Somers 18th October 1848 Letters from the Highlands
William Soutar 28th April 1898
28th September 1396
Poems of William Soutar: New Selection
Edited by W R Aitken
Copyright - National Library of Scotland
Robert Southey 24th August 1819  
Alec Stewart 6th February 1904 The Miller and his Daughter
Reproduced with kind permission of Sheila Stewart
Alexandra Stewart 28th February 1991
5th June 1896
Daughters of the Glen
ISBN: 095116800
Published by Leura Press
Reproduced with kind permission
Alexander Stewart 19th October 1825
29th December 1823
A Highland Parish
Reproduced with kind permission
Belle Stewart 18th July 1906 Reproduced with kind permission of Sheila Stewart
Major David Stewart 28th January 1822
4th April 1781
James Stewart 8th October 1719  
Sandy Stewart 31st July 1936
17th August 1920
Sandy Stewart. The book of Sandy Stewart
Compiled and edited with notes and introduction by Roger Leitch
ISBN: 0707305608
Published by Scottish Academic Press: 1988
Reproduced with kind permission
Strathern Herald 18th March 1899
27th March 1899
John Taylor 21st August 1710  
Queen Victoria 16th July 1867
7th September 1832
11th September 1844
21st September 1844
3rd October 1866
Highland Journal
Weekly Mail 17th April 1906  
Dorothy Wordsworth 26th August 1803  
Miss Mary Wright 19th April 1818 Diary

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